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Sell my car for top dollar

I want to sell my car and looking for a company that pays the highest dollar for my car. We not only buy your scrap car, but we tow it away fully free.

Our services help you sell your scrap car surly and hassle-free even from home.

Our services:

  • Buying all types of vehicles, including scrap cars, old cars, second-hand, accident, registered and unregistered cars.
  • Free towing from all over Sydney and New South Wales
  • Hassle-free
  • Paying the highest dollar for all types of cars

We Pay $500 Up to $9999 for cars.

Available at 658 suburbs in Sydney +new south wales.

we pick up your car within 1 - 3 hrs.

Sell your car in just 3 steps.


Sell my car -different ways

There are multiple ways to sell your car in Sydney. But, you need to figure out the way that gives you more profit. In the following, I will guide you through the best methods that will help you sell your car for top dollar.

Find the right car buyer: To find a reliable car buyer, search for it on the internet, check the reviews and get a quote from multiple car removal companies. Then, compare the prices and go for the highest one. Good idea to ask about their services before selling.

Advertising. Although selling a car through advertising rarely happens. But it works. Take your coffee and sit somewhere inside your home’s garden. Write a better description about your car; include make, model, condition, mileage, and reason for selling. When prepared, publish it on online platforms such as websites and social media. Finally, wait for the buyer!

Find out your car’s actual price: estimate your car’s value with car removal companies. Get a quote from multiple car removal companies. It will help you guess how much money you will receive for your car. If you tend to sell your car privately, a good idea to prepare the documents, wax it, clean it and ask the buyer to do a test drive.

If the car is not in running condition, get a free quote from us. Then, compare the price. If ours was the highest price, accept it.


Sell my car for parts

Sell your car for parts with NSW Express Car Removal PTY LTD. We buy your car for parts, so all you need to do is to get connected with us. We will check your car for its valuable parts, such as body parts, engine, transmission, wheels, tires, and interior accessories.

We will come to you with the highest price within two minutes. If you were agree with the price, we will schedule the pickup time. You will collect your payment before we pick up the car.

What makes us different?

  • Guaranteed top dollar
  • Fast pickup service. 1-3 hours same day
  • Towing at no cost
  • Expert team
  • New South Wales wide car pickup

Sell my car privately

Private car buyers are looking for their desired car. The cars must be clean, comfortable to drive and should be registered. Therefore, you have to do something that could help you get more money.

  • Wash your car
  • Remove any dents or scratches
  • Remove any mechanical problems
  • Make sure all the documents are clear
  • Waite for buyer

All this preparation is needed when dealing with a private car dealer. But, if the car breaks down somewhere, has an accident or is hail damaged. No need to look for private car buyers. Because they do not need it. Fortunately, you can sell it with us!

The car removal process

Enter the detail of your car

Fill in the following form with car's detail including mileage & condition.

Get your Quote

We will call you back . our price ranges between $500 up to $9999. check yours!

We tow away your car at no cost

Once you agreed offer, do paperwork. complete the payment. pick up your car.

Sell my car –car removal & cash for cars

There are always many good ways to sell your old car for cash. For example, you may try cash for cars on your local, sell them to a friend or register it for auction.

Moreover, if you have an unwanted car in any condition, you can sell it to car removal or cash for cars because you will get a higher price. They buy your car without the rego, number plate and regardless of any damaged or dent condition.

Car removals have more knowledge and experience in buying varieties of vehicles. Besides, they have free towing services and trucks that come to you and knock on the door to remove your scrap car on the same day.

We will show you how to sell your car without wasting time. Suppose you have a scrap or old automobile. Do not worry about it; we will buy it for a reasonable price. Call us immediately to sell your car.

Our services:

  • Paying top dollar up to $9999
  • free pickup
  • On the same day, Sydney-wide car removal
  • free car evaluation
  • buying any make, model & condition cars
  • Cash on the spot
  • Fast and hassle-free

Our partners are Cash for Cars and Copper Car Removal!

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