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Buying accident damaged cars & paying Cash for Accident damaged cars

Selling and buying accident-damaged cars is a no-brainer at NSW Express car removal because we designed cash for cars and car removal services so easy and straightforward. Everyone can get good money for accident or damaged cars in Sydney and all over the state of New South Wales.

We purchase any type of scrap vehicles, no matter if it is not registered or much damaged. Likewise, we have a team who evaluate your car and let you know the payment offer. In addition, if you want to get top cash for accident-damaged vehicles, let us assist you.

We are available at any time you call us. Likewise, we can pick up your car at any time between 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. from any location in Sydney, and New South Wales include suburbs. No worries if your vehicle is parked in a narrow place or basement. Our towing team can remove your car from any location. Apart from paying cash for damaged accident cars; we also pay top cash for:

  • Scrap cars
  • Crushed cars
  • Unwanted cars
  • Unregistered cars
  • Wrecked cars 
cash for accident damaged cars

Making money with accident damaged cars!

NSW Express Car Removal is the only company that pays cash for accident-damaged cars more than any other company pay. We have all the necessary equipment and no need to rent additional equipment. In addition, we buy vehicles with the condition of scrap vehicles.

It has been 15 years that we are working in the car removal business. Luckily, we have so many happy customers who are satisfied dealing with us. We want you to be the next! So if you are thinking about how much we could pay for your car. Call us and tell us about the name, model and condition of your vehicle.

If we were your choice for selling an accident-damaged car, we would set up a pick-up time when you confirm our cash offer. Our towing team is professionally trained in towing. Therefore, no worries if you parked the car in a non-convenient space.

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We buy any type of car dead or alive!

Three Steps selling accident damaged vehicles

Step #one Contact us: when you fill in our form or make a call, our appraiser team will add your information into the system; after inspection, they make you the offer (top cash offer). We inspect the car based on the following information:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Condition 

Step #two: confirm the offer: When you confirmed our cash offer, we schedule pick up time. Then, we send our towing team to your location for pick up. They will come to you with the exact cash amount we agreed before. 

Remember: make sure to remove any belonging from inside the car and take off the number plate.

Step #three: Get paid: All you need to wait for some seconds or minutes related to your car address. Make ready the key and the driver license. At the time of tow, the truck driver comes to your location. They will tow away your car, pay you the actual cash on your hand, and leave you with smiles!

Make a call today!

To sell a car, the very first step is to get in touch with us. To do this, you have three options. Make a phone call through the contact number on the web, fill in the form with the correct information about the car or send us an email at info@nswexpresscarremoval.com.au.

Now you have a chance to sell your accident-damaged car for cash. ENJOY!