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Sell Your Car with Car Wreckers NSW That is near you!

Car wreckers NSW is the best service provided by NSW Express car removal to buy your car for the best price in the whole market. Indeed, it is an Auto wrecker near you. No matter where the car is parked, we come to you to pick up the car.

Our highlights:

  1. Favourite cash for cars
  2. Same-day auto dismantler
  3. Easy paperwork
  4. Top price in the whole market

Our car wreckers NSW team, buy a wide range of cars for part particularly salvage or scrap cars, Vans, 4WDs, Utes, Trucks, 4x4s. Also, we pay the highest price in the market. Admittedly, you are looking for the highest price for your car right?

With auto wreckers NSW, you can easily sell your car for spare parts. First, call us on 0488844186 in order to get a quote. Afterwards, let you know our best price. At this time, we schedule a booking at your convenient time. Finally, we send tow trucks with accurate dollars. Before towing, you will collect your payment after that we tow the car.

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car wreckers nsw
car wreckers nsw

Sell unregistered car to wreckers for part

Being a car unregistered can be due to running into problems such as oil leak, not running in long distances, transmission issues or minor dents or scratches most importantly mileage over 200k KMs. Indeed, you can re-register the car unless it was written off by the owner’s insurance company.

For the most part, the cost of fixing the car gets exceed the original value or in other words, the car does not worth fixing. In this case, car wreckers NSW can be a golden opportunity to look. In fact, you can evaluate your car with us for free thus you get to know how much your car is worth.

Car wreckers NSW is where you sell a car for recycling in Sydney. Hence we pay good cash for cars so you earn good dollars for a car that is not running or not worth fixing. Therefore, on one hand, we will have a clean area all around Sydney also unusable cars get into recycling.

car wreckers Nsw
car wreckers Nsw

Where and how to sell car to an Auto wrecker?

Our car wreckers NSW team is available 24 hours/7 days a week to purchase your car also guide you in the best way possible in order to get the maximum profit from your car. Definitely, ways exist to get the maximum benefit for a car. for instance, selling after repairing, trading in, selling it to auction, selling it to a dealer or selling it to an auto wrecker.

If your car is registered, has no major damage and the mileage is below 150k KMs, you can sell it to a dealer or trade-in. but, if the kilometre is above 150k KMs and the car has a problem such as transmission, blown head gasket, dent…etc. in this case, car wreckers NSW is here to help.

  1. How to sell a car to our car wrecker’s team?
    Call us at 0488844186 for a quote, then we will ask you for a few details about your car to evaluate it. After the evaluation is completed, we will call you back and let you know about the price we offer.
  2. You make the decision whether accept the offer or want to reject it. at the time you agreed with the offer, the next step would be booking time for pickup which will be arranged at your convenient time.
  3. Finally, our team will come to you with a tow truck and the accurate dollars. After paperwork and payment, we will pick up the car.
    Note: If you have any questions, please give us a call at 0488844186


Dear user,

I am going to answer some of the most common questions that might help you to have a better understanding in order to sell a car to auto wreckers.

Who are the best car wreckers?

Any car wreckers company that provides genuine service can be the best car wrecker you can deal with. At NSW Express Car Removal, first of all, we collect the information about your car then evaluate it in order to make the highest price in the market. Later on, all you need to do is to set and look. Our team will do everything needed such as paperwork, payment on the spot and towing.

How to earn good cash for scrap cars?

At NSW Express Car Removal, we help you with this in mind –Earn good cash for scrap cars. In fact, all you need to do is a single call to us through the number 0488844186. Our car wreckers NSW team will guide you from zero to advance.

How much does it cost to get your car towed?

There are companies who charge for towing a car, it depends on the distance the car is towed from. For long-distance, you have to pay more around $200 per hour. In contrast, many companies provide towing services for free. For example, NSW Express Car Removal and cash for cars are companies that have free towing services.

How long should it take a tow truck to arrive?

It depends on the distance between you and the tow truck, but at NSW Express Car Removal we made it easier inorder to arrive on time. First of all, when you talk with our car wrecker team by calling at 0488844186, we ask you for your perfect time for towing. Once agreed, we calculate the distance and the probability delay with this in mind to arrive on time.

Should I take off license plates giving to junk yard?

Yes, you should. because junkyard or auto wrecking yard does not need the license plate. They take cars for recycling or spare part. Indeed, when you call car wreckers for the first, they ask you to take off the plate. By the way, you need to call them and ask them for the license plates.